Monday, 17 October 2011

Grey derss doesn't have to mean a grey day!

Hi my lovelies :)
Last week was definitely one of those weeks!
My mum was rush to hospital, my dog injured himself and the rest of my time I was working on my dissertation.

Thankfully mum is on the mend and so is Alfie :) I was quite worried for a while but I hid it well and stayed focused to make sure mum felt taken care of.

So Saturday I decided to take some time out and work on a quick reconstruction using an old top and a dress that needed a little........ well perzaz.

I forgot to take a picture of the top but it was kinda trapeze top... is that right word? Well I used the bottom and attached it to the hem which was really quick then I took off the buttons, and replaced them with buttons I had covered using the fabric from the top.

For such a quick project I think it turned out quite well, don't you?

I wore it to work today with my favorite red Cardigan :)

Dress: Gift from my friend
Cardigan: Primark
Tights: I can't remember??
Boots: Oli.... online catalog I don't think it exists anymore?

Well I will try to post again soon dependent on how much work I get on my dissertation.
Have a great week if I don't see you before them.

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. This is so cute! It may be a quick project to you, but I'm seriously impressed- I'd make a right hash of it!

    xxx Maddie

  2. Thanks Maddie :)
    Kinda felt like I cheated, but not sure how lol :)

  3. aw, I am sorry your week has been bad. Hopefully it perks up :)

    I love the dress. it's so cute!

  4. Hi Leanna,
    My week has been much better thanks.
    I hope you have had a great week too.
    Katrina x