Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas day outfit ideas - Modcloth

Hi Lovely people!!!
Only 3 more sleeps till Christmas!!!! YAY!!! :)

So I finished up the purchasing part of my Christmas shopping today & all that’s left is finishing the sewing aspect; which is half way there and the wrapping them up!!! So exciting, I love giving gifts :)

Like most people I like to get dressed up for Christmas day so I am looking for some inspiration on what I could wear???
For this I have decided to go to one of my favorite online stores which is always overflowing with pretty party dresses.... you just can't help but love Modcloth :)

Red is the colour of choice of course & I have purchased a new hair accessory, best £2 I have ever spent if I do say so. I will show pictures of it soon ☺

I think dresses for Christmas day have to be a mixture of style & comfort. You need to feel comfortable when you have finished your dinner and you need to snuggle up on the sofa to watch a movie then be able to spring into action should visitors arrive and still feel pretty.

Here are my picks

Anyway enough of the dresses, see you again soon

Ciao for now

Love Katrina x

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