Saturday, 17 December 2011

The girl & the three legged horse

Hiya lovelies,
It's been a while!!
Are you all ready for Christmas? It's only a week away!!!
I am almost done, just a few bits here and there. So excited!!!

So Friday I went to do some more shopping with my lovely Mr Rob to London, the shops were actually not too busy.
I picked up the last lot of supplies for some hand made presents I am finishing this week. It is going to be a busy week!!!

It is starting to get very chilly out there & as a girl who always wears skirts or dresses this means I have to become quite inventive with ways to keep warm.
Layers are my biggest friend, yesterday I had a long sleeve thermal t shirt, a petticoat dress type thing, a thick pair of tights, dress, & my favourite horse cardi.

It is funny because every year is the same, I forget how cold I get but with my layers mixed with my coat, snood, hat & mittens I am as warm as toast!

The title may confuse you but it is to do with my belt, the horse on it who's name is Fred lost a leg in action but I didn't have the heart to get rid of him. Especially as he works just fine:)

Well I hope to post a little more over the next week, I would like to share the presents I make but I have to keep them secret until Christmas day :)

Enjoy your week; I hope to be back to soon.

Ciao for now
Katrina x

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