Tuesday, 31 January 2012

25 till 30 Little Me!!!

So lovelies,
How are we? Just a quick post today.
I thought for my 25 to 30 post I would share this picture of me from when I was about 2/3 years old.
Enjoying my food as always yum!!! :)

I hope you have a super duper fabulous week :)
Ciao for now.
Love Katrina xx


  1. Wah!
    This is so awfully cute!
    I love your curls...Adorable ;U;
    My hair is and was always so straight, it's almost frustrating.

    Haha, and you REALLY look like you're enjoying your food. <3

    1. You so sweet.
      I was a chunky monkey and boy I loved my food.
      My hair is still really curly & I do love it but I straighten it because it's easier to manage :)
      Katrina x