Thursday, 26 January 2012

30 till 30 - Let's start with a giveaway!!!

NOTE: This giveaway is now closed please keep your eye's peeled for more :)

Hello lovelies!
How has your week been??
I bet your wondering what 30 till 30 is all about.Well..... Now you have to keep this top secret, I am 30 years old in 30 days!!I can't believe I am already at this milestone in my life, it feels like yesterday I was getting up for school.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not bothered by my age. I don't look 30 so I'm told and age is just a number.
I think I am more excited than anything else!!!
Anyway I decide to really celebrate turning 30 I would attempt to post something everyday & what better way to start it off than a giveaway. Right?

So to start it off I have 1 set of beautiful bangles from New Look.I brought myself some and an extra pair for one of my lucky followers.

All you have to do to enter is place a comment below telling me what you do in the run up to your birthday along with your email so I can contact you if you win :)
You don't have to follow me to be entered, but it would be lovely if you could, I am also on Twitter & Facebook too.I plan a couple more over the next 30 days so keep an eye out :)

This giveaway is open to all my lovely readers and closes 12pm GMT Wednesday 1st Febuary 2012.
I will announce the winner next Thursday :)

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. Aw, I'd love to enter!

    On the run up to my birthday I tend to get overly excited like a child and make as many people aware as possible. I am such a child.

    1. I am exactly the same, I love birthday's the most.
      I like to use it as a way of looking backing my year and the accomplishments I have made :)
      I count down as soon as Christmas is over :)

  2. Those bangles are super pretty. I teach during the summer when my birthday is so I tend to forget that it is coming up until a lot of small children start trying to guess my age. I also start dreaming of cake.

    1. How can you forget your own birthday?
      I am glad the children remind you.
      I must cake is my favorite part :)

  3. You really don't look like (almost) thirty!
    I would have estimated you to be around my age or something if I didn't knew.

    And also I'd like to enter a lot <3
    On the run up to my birthday I'm always planning a birthday party, which I never realise and end up being sad about it, so my girlfriend has to comfort me with promising to call me "birthday princess". It always cheers me up >//<
    And yeah, I'm dumb like that, haha.

    Warning, complicated E-mail:

  4. AWWW You are so sweet :)
    Big thumbs up to your girlfriend!!!
    Have a great on Birthday princess :)