Monday, 6 February 2012

19 till 30 Juggling is making me sleepy.

Hi again,
How are we??
Yes it's Monday again and all I can think of is how much I have to do this week.

At present I am working on my MA in HR (Human Resources), for those of you who are unsure of what HR is.  I am the person that deals with employee issues like disciplinaries, Sickness Absence, recruitment etc.

Now I am under no preconception that the HR or Personnel department are not always peoples favorite but lets face it if I didn't do my job then well no one would have any staff or know what Employment Laws they had to abide by.

Anyway as my title says I am juggling quite a lot at the moment, so I have taken a step back to review things.
My main tasks are:
  • Monday to Friday Work 8 am to 4pm (up and out by 6.30 am)
  • Writing my dissertation - Due 2nd April 2012 (Me working on it above)
  • Planning my wedding for September 2012
  • Blogging
  • Sewing
  • Lastly my day to day chores washing cooking cleaning!!! Don'tcha just love em!!! :)
I think sometimes I try to juggle too much and it makes me tired which means I lack concentration and due to my dyslexia it takes all my concentration to read even a chapter.

So after a long think I have decided something has to give, I can't not work or cook & clean or complete the dissertation but I can put somethings off. So until 2nd April 2012 this is what I have decided.
I will not be doing any wedding planning at all, before I stop completely I will book in days with my bridesmaids so that once I hand in the dissertation I can move full steam a head with my planning and doing with their help.

Sewing can also be put on the back burner, I have a few unfinished projects but they will have to wait until I have more time. Sorry lovely new singer machine just waiting to be used!!! I love you still!!! :)

One thing I have decided is I won't give up my blog, my posts may be a little scarce until April but I do plan to do at least two a week. I also have things coming up like my birthday and well I can't not celebrate turning 30 right??? but I really also need to buckle down and finish this report.

I think it is important to stop and take stock of your priorities because sometime if you don't you over work yourself and then end up dropping the ball or is it a ball? Oh well you know what I mean :)

So on with my stolen jogging bottoms & T Shirt (they are both Mr Rob's) and let's get cracking!!!

Here's to a productive week.
Take care

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. Totally agree with you I am a master juggler myself and the one thing I seem to let drop off is house cleaning and gardening. Which then turns into a bigger job than before. It is a vicious circle. Good luck with your studies.

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I can't wait for it to be finished just so I can do a massive Spring clean!!!
      Sad I know :)

  2. I'm cheering for you!
    I'm sure you will make it! >//u//<

    Haha, and I'm not much of a juggler, to be honest, even though I sometimes am complaining like one. (Totally had to look the word "juggler" up here ^^"")
    If I have to do many things at the same time, it's basically my own fault, because I tend to procrastinate like a true champion. Even now I'm supposed to do my homework, wash my favorite socks so I can wear them tomorrow and...forgot what else :D

    ...Jeez, I shouldn't be that proud of being so irresponsible at 20
    Nevertheless, good luck!! I believe in you!

    1. You are such a sweetie, I think your allowed to procrastinate in your 20's I am sure it is an unwritten rule or something.

      How do I say juggling or the equivalent in German?
      The only thing I can say is Guten Morgen, gute Nacht & auf Wiedersehen oh and count to 10 :)

    2. Juggling in that context doesn't even have a german equivalent. If you want to express this little artistic trick with the balls it would be "jonglieren", but in german we would just say: To do many things at once.

      Ah, that's so cool!
      Here are some nice, german words for you.
      "Ich liebe dich." means "I love you"
      and "Wunderschön" is a strong word for "beautiful"
      German can sound so strict at times, but it really depends on how you make your voice sound, I guess...(I hope so |D I don't want to sound scary)

    3. You are so sweet ich liebe dich xxx

  3. Whew, I'm so happy you will not be giving up your blog!

    wow, you are very busy though! I hope writing your dissertation goes by smoothly and quickly!

    1. Thanks Amber, as soon as I hand the dissertation in I plan to sit on my bottom doing nothing but sewing for a week!!! :)

  4. I get myself in to such messes trying to juggle too much at once!

  5. How do you manage to look cute even under pressure??! xx

    The Londoner

  6. I love this, good luck finishing your MA! x