Sunday, 26 February 2012

What I wore for my birthday :)

Hi Lovelies,

So my 30th birthday has been and gone and what a fabulous fun was had!! :)
On Friday my actual birthday Mr Rob took me out to Portobello market in Notting Hill; London.

See and do so I  will do a separate posts as I have loads pictures to share.

I wore my Whats the the Peter Pan dress from Chicwish which I must say is a very lovely dress :)

It's made from soft thick fabric, and although Friday wasn't to chilly in itself I was able to wear it with a warm pair of tights, my favourite boots and just my mac.

On the way home we just happened to bump in to my sister Charlene and my Nephew Jeromey who were on there way to my house to see me.
He is such a cutie and also not shy when it comes to pictures, most of which are very cheeky :)

When I got home my Mum and Mr Rob brought a birthday cake for me, which was super yummy.

Well I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend.
Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.

Have an awesome week.
Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. I refuse to believe you are thirty!

    1. hehehe I refuse to believe I am too!!!
      I hope you have had a great weekend? x

  2. What a cutie your nephew is!... Love your tube sign photo x Glad you had a lovely day

    1. I had a fab day thank you.
      Jerome is a little cheeky Mr and can be very naughty but you can help but want to overdose him with cuddles and kisses :)

  3. sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful birthday!! hope the rest of your day is just as wonderul.

  4. What a lovely day your mac is gorgeous and so is Jeremey!

  5. What a great Birthday dress that is, you look fab! I'm really pleased to see you had a great birthday! x

  6. You look beautiful lady!!! :) Glad you had a lovely time xx

  7. your nephew is adorable!!

    you looked lovely on your birthday! i love your dress and that coat! *swoon* is that florals i see??