Monday, 12 March 2012

BlueOctober - Guest Post

Hello! For those of you who are thinking ‘who is this weirdo... this is not Katrina!’, let me introduce myself. I am Lizzie, of BlueOctober, and was asked by the lovely Katrina to do a wee guest post while she is busy beavering away with her dissertation. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige! So, here’s a little about me...
I teach. I shop. I blog. Usually in that order. Simples! I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite snaps from my blog to give you a little taster of what I’m about... Me being ‘casual Lizzie’... as I have to be pretty smart at work (mainly so people don’t confuse me for a student, doh) I am drawn to comfy, casual clothes in my spare time. A teacher? With spare time? I hear you cry..... tell me about it. Which brings me on to the following:

Me in teacher mode! My work wardrobe mainly consists of some sort of black skinnies and heels combo, or leggings, dress and boots. As I said, I try to look profesh at work, especially as I am only 24 and teach in a college. Yes, some of my students look older than me. Yes, I have been told off for being in the staff toilets. Wearing my badge at times is essential!

Like most twenty-something girls, I love a good shop. And I love to blog about what I buy! But don’t think my blog is just about fashion, far from it! I like to talk about beauty, food, travel, what I’ve done with my weekend, my dog (she’s very cute)... whatever is important to me at the time.

Well, that’s enough about me... I hope you like my little selection of photies – I feel like I’m showing you a scrapbook of my blogging life! If you want to see more, come and visit me over at BlueOctober. Until then, adios

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