Friday, 30 March 2012

jemima.and.ted - Guest Post

Hello Muffin Top Vintage readers!
What an honour to have a wee bit of Katrina's blog space to meet you all. My name's Kat and I live over at the blog jemima.and.ted. I've been blogging for about 9 months now, about anything fashion/beauty/photography/food/life related. I'm 23 years old, work in Marketing and live in Hampshire for those who like those kind of deets.

So I thought I would just do you a little blog intro today (my creative juices aren't flowing too well lately). So, as I said my blog is jemima.and.ted and I've included some pictures of the sort of things I blog about - outfit posts and new purchases/whats in the shops and what takes my fancy is a key aspect of my blog, although finding time (and a willing somebody to take pictures of me) is hard work!

Beauty reviews is also a strong direction my blog is going in lately - I've discovered I am a cosmetics (particularly skin care and lipstick) junkie and want to try EVERYTHING. I tend to review high-street Boots/Superdrug stuff, but I have been known to dabble in more high end!

I also like to do a few magazine inspired posts every now and then as this is something I take a lot of inspiration from - so I do posts about recreating celebs styles. Not always to everyone's taste, but it gives people ideas (I like to think!) and I enjoy making the collages and sourcing the clothes.

All this is interspersed with life musings and snaps I like to take (mostly food and flowers) so if you like what you hear, come on over and say hello. Quick note, if you decide to follow me on Twitter, I do tweet food photographs incessantly.

So there we have it - lovely to meet you all! Have a smashing day kids!

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  1. Gorgeous jumper although sadly I've noticed recently I'm one of those people who look a bit washed out if I wear black too close to my face.Rx