Thursday, 8 March 2012

What I wore - Today :)

Hi guys,

How are we? It's Friday tomorrow!!! YAY!!!
Here is a quick what I wore post :)
I love my Red Velvet dress!!! I got it last Autumn, as soon as Elsie blogged the fabric I had already decided I didn't care what Elsie made with it, I was getting it.

I pared it with my favorite boots, purple tights and my green cardigan. I love the colour combination.

I also wore my Russian doll pin brooch.

Aren't my girls cute!!!
Anyway best be off, this dissertation isn't going to write itself.

Ciao for now
Katrina x


  1. Love this dress :) it's so pretty xx

  2. What a gorgeous dress and I love your babushca brooch.

  3. that dress is incredible! xo

  4. Such an adorable brooch, I absolutely love the purple & green colour combination too - it really suits you :) xx

    1. Thank you Sarah, Purple & green are my favourite colours :)