Friday, 16 March 2012

Who is grumble beard - Guest Post

Hello lovely readers, you may be wondering who today's guest post is
written by.

Well, my name is Karys, I eat a lot of snickers bars, blog, shop (too much) and am in my final year studying for a degree in Fine Art.

I thought for today's little blog nugget I would show you around the place where I spend most of my time, my studio. I'm here each week day from around 9am and sometimes stay till around 8pm, it's a long day but I take in several lunches in my cute cupcake design tupperware! I really love getting my hands dirty and making things, but when it comes to explaining what I actually spend my time doing whilst in my studio it usually baffles people, especially when they find out I
wrote my dissertation on dust! (Cue awkward self timer shot of me in my studio, just because I wanted to show you how cool I am in my apron.)

In my art practice I am extremely interested in the territory of dust and our proximity to this debris. The architecture of the space where dust gathers is my current interest, so I have been getting a lot of strange looks as of late by taking moulds of every imaginable place in
the vicinity of my studio. Everywhere where dust is pushed to I have cleaned and moulded, and then cast in wax. I have nearly done everything, with each skirting board and pipe moulded, as well as every single screw and staple jutting out of the walls! This picture shows just a few of these (the screws are kept in the little boxes for safe keeping!) :

The obsessive nature of the process and the materiality of the pieces is very important to me, and I have been illuminating each of the wax casts in order to accentuate the tiny gestures within the mundane.

This subtle lighting, which takes place using a torch, hints at the act of scavenging and discovery giving the forms a new presence and elevating their status to that of a relic. I have been building boxes which contain these items, where the spectator looks through a keyhole sized space to view the objects, creating a very intimate experience.

Well, that is a little taster of what I have been getting up to recently! I blog over at and hope you will pay me a visit sometime! I post about what I have been up to fairly frequently, which includes lots of shopping purchases!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. That is a pretty random medium!

    It makes me think of Lyra in the Northern Lights trilogy though so now I have a very cool image of you running around town with a daemon helping you hunt for dust. (How cool would that be!)

    Your studio looks cool- amazing light!

    ... and anyone who takes in 'several lunches' is going to be someone I get along wihth just fiiine. x