Monday, 5 March 2012

WSPA - Cruelty in a Concrete Jungle

Hi Lovelies,

Do you ever stop to think about Illegal wildlife trading? No??
Me neither until I attended the WSPA Cruelty in a Concrete Jungle event at the Houses of parliament with The Roost Blog Community, Laura from Chez Mummy and Annie from Mammasaurus.

The event for me was a real eye opener & quite an emotional experience, this really surprised me as I did not think I would have been so effected. I wanted to take it from a fashion perspective but to be honest it has effected me so deeply I just want to raise awareness to all aspects of it.

This event show cased a collection of items seized by the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit, which included items such polar bear skins, decorative stuffed tiger cubs and bear bile just to name a few. The way in which these items are harvested is too upsetting for words and I have decided to let you guys choose if you want to know what the involves and if you do you can find more information here.

It's important to me that I don't preach about how I feel about this cause but I wanted to give you the opportunity to find out for yourself and form your own opinions.

It is a real concern that the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit budgets have steadily decreased since 2003 when the work they do is so important. So today both me & WSPA are calling on the 2012 London Mayoral contenders to pledge to stamping out wildlife crime in the capital and ensure the funding for the unit is reinstated to its former value and remains a key priority.

I have always shied away from things that make me sad but I have come to realize that the sadness will always be there and sometimes we need to stand up, make noise to make a change.

Thanks for Listening & if this has effect you the way it has me please take the time to let the chosen candidate know how you feel.

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. Honestly never even considered this before. Will sign up.

    What was it like being in the Houses of Parliament? Have you got more photos of the inside?

    So weird polar bear skin is being seized in London. Isn't it? Maybe not. I'm going to have a look at that site.

    On a lighter note you look lovely in that photo. xx

  2. This is so upsetting :( I have signed my name on the letter! x