Saturday, 28 April 2012

Little Paris Kitchen

Hi People,
How have you been?

I have recently stumbled across the program called the Little Paris Kitchen and I watched the catch ups on iplayer over two evenings.

The Chef Rachel Khoo has her own little restaurant in her tiny Paris apartment.

The show is about her taking "the fear" out of French cooking.
Not only does she have a really cute apartment and a lovely sense of style; she is so much better than Nigella Lawson.... sorry luv but you bug me!

Her recipes are a mix of traditional Parisian cooking as well as her own take on the traditional recipes.
Now I totally could live in Paris, that close to that many patisseries, I would be the size of a house; not to mention the culture, the architecture and the fashion.
I am not too keen how the french like their meat so rare but the amazing deserts she makes are to die for.

 So if you are a foodie like me go take a peek by clicking the first picture at the top and if you want to be able to try to make her dishes yourself she also has a book.

I am off to the Frockme event tomorrow,  come join us if you can :)
I am sure a post will follow.
Have a great weekend.

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. Love Rachel Khoo- I want to inject lemon curd in to everything now though! Mmmmm

  2. And you forgot to mention how much you love your French friend too!! (and the French films she's shown you!)

  3. I love that show, I watch it every week!