Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sister Love :)

Hi Lovelies,
How did you spend your day today?
Me?? Well I had some sister bonding time with my Lovely Spec.

I got to play hairdresser and styled Spec's hair with some mini victory rolls and my favorite vintage scarf :)

Doesn't she look prettyful.

And where there is sister bonding there is also matching make up and silly pictures.
Spec and I don't look much a like but we are both very silly, and like a good ol' giggle :)

If anyone is interested in me popping along to a party/hen do to recreate some 40/50's hair and make up styles please drop me an email at

Have a super great weekend.
Ciao for now

Love Katrina x


  1. She looks gorgeous, just like you! :)

  2. You both look amazing! I love how you've done her hair. Please do mine like that!! x

    1. I would love too, we so gotta plan a day in :) x

  3. You both look gorgeous! Nice work on the victory rolls. I want to get dressed up too please!! x

    1. We have loads of activities to plan, I am sure we can include a 40's make over day too :) x

  4. both look really lovely! hope you've had a good weekend x