Sunday, 11 November 2012

It's been a week already?

Hi Lovelies,
I can't believe it has been a week since Amy & I hung out in Hyde Park with our boys & Amy's puppy Coco, or as I like to call him Coco Popped :)

There was frolicking in the leafs and yummy hot chocolate. I am such a big kid, throwing the leafs around and running round in circles :)

Amy has done a lovely post over on her blog, go check it out :)

For now I will leave you will a quick what I wore run down.
As it was so cold, I wore my new Dotty P coat (A close up is on Amy's blog) mittens & my beret from Primark that I customized with some buttons two years ago :)

I'm all about the laying when it's chilly, I wore my Joy dress, with a long sleeve top underneath & my Burgundy cardi from TK Maxx which I am wearing A LOT at the mo.
Even though I wore a dress I was very snugly with my M&S tights :)

Anyway that's me for now :)
I hope you're keeping warm too.

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. I loved your outfit, the rich colours are my favorite! I can send over the pics I took or feel free to pinch them from my blog. Do you want some of us both? Happy to send over! Whens our next date? My new BBFF!!!! x

  2. Also forgot to add, how funny Coco was jumping over the little fence, he usually wont jump or even step over anything. He must love you to not let a fence get in the way of seeing you!! Hahaha xx

  3. Awww Coco! I remember him from the bloggers picnic - such a cutie! :) You're looking lovely here Katrina x x

  4. That outfit is beautiful, love the colours, and WANT the mittens! xx