Friday, 2 November 2012

What I wore - The Wedding Dress

Hi Lovlies,
I am not sure if I told you but I recently got married... hehehe

We finally got our pictures & I was trying to decide how to share them with you.  So I thought I would start by showing you my wedding dress.
I had picked a different dress to start with but as the day got closer it just didn't feel right. If you are married you'll get what I mean.

I have always been a lover of the relaxed Boho look & I knew this is what I wanted for my wedding day, so when I saw this beautiful vintage 1970's crochet maxi dress I knew had found the dress for me.

My mum & my sister were not sure when they saw it & even up until the day I picked up the under dress they couldn't see my vision, but when I put it all together they finally saw that it was perfect for me.

I paired my dress with a 70's pair of platforms, my signature wrist bands and Crown and Glory Butterflies in my hair and I was good to go.

I actually did my hair & make up myself, which I am really glad I did as think having something to focus on in the morning was really helpful with my nerves. I hope to do a tutorial about how I achieved the look in the near future.

I can't explain how wonderful a day it was & how grateful I am for having my family & friends there to share it with us.   I have so many more pictures to share & will soon, I promise.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Ciao for now 
Love Katrina xx

Pictures by Amy Purfield-Clark & Shooting Dave


  1. MORE!! We want more!

    You look really gorgeous. Definitely the right dress for you- it suits you and who you are. I did my own hair and make up too and it's definitely nice to have something to concentrate on.

    Awaiting the next installment....

  2. You really looked beautiful. I had butterflies on my necklace when I got married. I love butterflies. Can't wait to see more pictures.


  3. You gorgeous gorgeous girl, I LOVE these! Xxx

  4. You looked super pretty on your wedding day Miss Katrina!

  5. You look so, so beautiful - I actually got goosebumps! And I think you were completely right to go with a dress that feels like you.

    Love the new blog design too :)

  6. Ahhh katrina you look sensational! Xx

  7. Wow I love it, suits you so much and you look beautiful :)

    Karys x

  8. wow, you look stunning in that dress, you definitely made the right choice about your look! Looking forward to seeing more pictures :) x

  9. You look stunning and was so lovely to be there with you celebrating your big day! I can't wait to see your hair tutorial!! x

  10. Thank you to all you lovely ladies for your sweet comments :)
    It means a lot that you took the time to visit my blog & comment. xxx

  11. Beautiful dress. So unique. You look absolutely blimmin gorgeous and I swear you are actually glowing in that last photo. Congratulations on your special day. Thank you for sharing. xxx

    1. Thanks Darling :) I was an amazing day, I couldn't stop smiling :P x