Tuesday, 26 March 2013

All you can do is, step back in time!!!

Hi Guys,
How are we?
I am totally in L.O.V.E with the 90's grunge look of the season.

I think I love it because back in my day that was the look...ok I know that makes me sound old but seriously 90's grunge has come back around.

I had been trying to find some pictures of me when I was younger but I can seem to locate any of me in this phase, I guess it is because I avoided camera's at all costs and believe it or not I was kinda shy. Not anymore though :)

So the only logical thing to do is recreate the look right? Due the cold my pictures had to be taken inside.

I was around 11/12 when I started the grunge look and by the time I got to 16 I had done, Goth, Punk and found myself at skater. My taste in music was always awesome!!
Bands like Nirvana, BUSH, Garbage, Soundgarden, KORN (more metal than grunge but I loved them) and well loads more to name played continuously on my then walkman.

 My go to style in my grunge/goth stage was my long skirts, heavy knits and Doc Martins.
 Of course this was topped of with the accessory of the moment, a choker. I had may of these in all different colours.
My Doc Martins also had many a colour lace, even today I still wear mine with ribbon though them.

My signature style was red lips two top knots and a bindi, which I must stress I was rocking BEFORE Gwen Stefani and No Doubt came on the scene. Just FYI!! :)

I thought I would leave you with some funny pics Mr Berto took as close ups because well, there silly and I like them!!!

So tell, what do you think of the reemergence of Grunge? Yay or Nah?? 

Have a great evening beautiful people.
Ciao for now

Love Katrina xx


  1. Ahh, I love you like this! A truly excellent maxi dress!

    Also, can we have drinks soon please? xxx

    1. Thanks lovely!! Drinks need to happen soon!!!

  2. Love the boots-:D
    Lovely blog, I'm your newest follower ;)

    1. Hi Angelica :)
      Thank you so much!!!
      Have a super weekend xx