Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pub date: Princess of Wales

Hi Guys,
Sorry I have been a bit MIA, to be completely honest I have been a little down & I didn't want to project it on my blog. So I took a bit of a break.
 I work full time and commute 4 hours a day and I think sometimes life just gets to you.

Anyway I recently visited this cute little pub in Primrose Hill, London with a friend and I really wanted to share it with you because it was so cute.

We stopped for a bite to eat and I must say my flatbread was AMAZING!!!
and just look at my friends burger! I mean the gherkin alone was worth thee calories :)

 My favourite thing about the pub is they allow you to take your puppies in with you :) Look at this Pug & Beagle mix. She was so cute, I would have totally stolen her if I could have.

Anyway if you're in Primrose Hill, I would recommend you pop in for a drink & some yummy food and take your doggie with ya.

Have a great week.
Ciao for now

Love Katrina x


  1. He's a handsome little fellow :) Looks a nice place, i will bear this in mind if I'm out that way. Hope you are feeling more like yourself x

    1. I'm getting there, thanks Maria.
      I'm concentrating on sewing as it is really takes my mind off of things :)

  2. Great food, excellent service and great chat! Mostly Banksy garden, just checked out Banksy show at Walton Fine Arts London, so was real enthused after double whammy!

    1. Hiya Shotoree,
      I didn't get to see the Bansky Garden because 1 it was dark & too it was freezing.
      I am definitely going to pop along in the summer :)
      Katrina x

  3. We should go here and take coco! It'll be fun! Miss you x