Monday, 19 August 2013

My Name is Katrina & I'm addicted to Brogues!

Hi Guys,
If you have been following my blog for a while you'll know that I have slight issue with collecting three different things:
  1. Dresses
  2. Hats
  3. Brogues
So I thought I would do a random post & show you my Brogue collection.

All but one of my brogues are from Clarks, now let me just be clear this is not a Clarks sponsored post I just really like their Brogues :)

My first pair was these patient beauties, can you believe they are almost 3 years old? I can't believe they still look like new! I wear them so much & to be honest they started my addiction!

Next I got these wine coloured ones, they are kind of lacquered leather, so they are still really shiny. The picture just doesn't do them justice. It is amazing how hard wearing & how comfy they are. I love matching them with my tights, is that weird? hehehe :) 

I did have a pair of heeled Humble Oak, in tan but I actually didn't find them very comfortable. Probably because I am rubbish at walking in heels. So I replaced the with these :)
I have wore these alot lately and they could probably do with a polish but I kinda like the scuffs on the toes.

Last but not least here are my newest ones!!! There is a little story here, they were last years style  & I wanted them but I just got my wine coloured pair so I decided to wait for a couple months. Unfortunately they sold out before I could! SAD FACE!!!

Then the other day while I was waiting for my friend I decided to browse my local Clarks & low & behold a lonely size 7 were just sitting there.
The lady in the shop told me that the box had fallen down the back of the shelving unit & they had found them that day. So I figured they were meant to be & I snapped them up.

 Here is my my complete collection, TADA!!!

The grey and tan pair are from Primark, my sister picked them up for £5 for me. Isn't she lovely!

Now the plan is not to buy any more unless they are replacements, but you know I am not sure how long that will last.... also I am missing a Navy blue pair, so come on Clarks pull ya finger out!!!

How do you guys feel bad about Brogues?
Have a great week.

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. I love the grey one's, good old Primark I wish we had it in Australia,

  2. You have quite the collection, I hope you show us the other things you collect! I'm also rather jealous of your brogues, I wish we had the same sized feet!! x