Sunday, 6 April 2014

Cath Kidston sure do know how to throw a party!!

Hi Guys,
How are we?

Now I am sure I have told you before that I am a BIG Cath Kidston fan!
So when I heard that they were holding a launch party for the new Safari range at their flagship store in Picadilly I couldn't wait to go...and of course I had to bring Amy along as my plus one, because lets face it she's awesome!!

Cath Kidston sure know how to spoil there guests. They had the most amazing Meringues in some awesome flavours by the Meringues Girls.

There were also super cute animal print cupcakes.

There were so many pretty things, and as I forgot my camera poor Amy was chased around by me saying Oooo did you get this? Did you get that?  Thanks again Amy!!!

Now before I post them I will warn you there are ALOT of pictures.
So here it goes!!! See you at the end!

Check out the back pack, it's the new safari print!!

So tell me you don't want to buy... like everything!!!

Anyway I will leave you lusting over the pretty things and if you're like me you just have to have them, go check out the Cath Kidston website!

Ciao for now.
Love Katrina xx


  1. It's all so beautiful and yes, I want to buy everything.

    1. I was there for the Safari launch but I got Amy to take pictures of EVERYTHING!!! I wanted it all.

  2. this looks so amazing, I love CK far more than is healthy! xx