Thursday, 12 May 2011

Super Scrimpers - Waste Not Want Not

Ello People,
How are you?
I just finished watching a new show called Super Scrimpers - Waste Not Want Not, there are some super cool ideas on how to save money by recycling and reusing things.

Some are a little well.... questionable but if you look past those, it is full of lots of useful tips.
Even got Mr Rob to watch it with me, although he watches it because he thinks its hilarious.
I'll have to share one thing he say: "if they got some more younger women to do the show and not just weird looking or old ones maybe more people would watch it" "You should be on it, to which I responded "if they paid me, maybe" hehehe :)

Anyway I thought it was a interesting show so I wanted to share the link, just click the picture and enjoy.
Ciao for now.

Katrina x


  1. I love watching this, if not to just catch a glimpse of Gem Fatale!

  2. Gem is just fabulous, she brings that style factor that makes the young generation want to watch.
    I have already used her ideas for distressed jean shorts from an old pair of jeans for my sister :)