Sunday, 26 June 2011

Macey and Trina's Fun Day Out

Happy Sunday All,

I hope you having a lovely weekend so far, I have and thankfully although I am back to work tomorrow it doesn't feel like this weekend was as short as the last.

So what have up been up to? Well yesterday I had a day out with my niece Macey, it was just me and her so it was an extra girly day of shopping, chatting and yummy food :)

It was quite cute because when her mum dropped her over we both had polka dot coats and pearl earrings on, not to mention our hairstyles were the similar.

I took her to Portabello Market in London which was astonishingly busy, but she was just happy to be out with her auntie Trina and held on tight to my hand at all times.

We shared dough balls and Margaretta pizza for lunch then we made our way though the market to the Humming Bird Bakery where Macey had a vanilla and chocolate cup cake and I had a red velvet cupcake for dessert.
I wasn't able to take many pictures other than a few on my iPhone, due to firstly the crowd and secondly I was far to busy keeping an eye on Macey.

We made our way through the market looking at the stalls as we went down to Cath Kidston where Macey got the cutest bag and I got a apron both were in the sale. YAY :)

We then decided to stop for a drink as it was quite a warm day and then a bit more browsing which included me educating Macey in a Vintage dress shop how to spot really vintage clothing....well you have to start them young. Right? :)

By about 4pm we were both a little hungry again so we stopped for a Nutella filled crepe and then made our way back to the station to catch our train home.

We both had a lovely day and I can't wait to do it again, I just love my niece ever so much.

Today has mostly been full of chores, washing, cleaning and mending some things I have been putting off, but overall it has been both a fun and relaxing weekend.

How was yours?

Ciao for now.

Katrina x

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