Friday, 24 June 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things - Episode 2

Howdy All,
Well it's Friday again and I am really hoping that this weekend is a little slower than the last. I haven't been much of a blogger this week, sorry about that. I hope next week will be different, I do have some posts planned.

So as it is Friday I thought I would do another A Few of My Favorite Things post, so to start it off my Favourite Band of all time, Bush.
I have loved them minute just calculating.............glup 16 years!!!

For those who have not heard of them Bush are a British band formed in Shepards Bush, London. The vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale is Married to Gwen Stefanie of the Band No Doubt.
The band separated in 2002 but began work on a new album, the Sea of Memories in 2010 which is due for release in September 2011. I really hope it lives up to the older work because I'll be super disappointed if it doesn't.

The next thing on this weeks list is something I know will be on a lot of my followers list if they have one and that is afternoon tea.

Next is Afternoon tea, there is tea, sandwiches, scones and cake what more could you ask for? I plan to make a cake this weekend, but don't hold me to that as I have a million and one things planned. If I do I'll definitely have a it with a good old mug of PG Tips.

Next on this weeks list is my puppy or not so much a puppy anymore Alfred, I have neglected him a little this week and I plan to have may cuddles over the weekend to make up for it.

Pretty Dresses, Oh wait weren't they on last weeks list I hear you shout. Yes, yes they were but I love them so much I am not sure I could ever exclude them from my list. This is the dress I am loving the most this week, she is so pretty I want to buy her but I think I'll wait for the sale :)

Last but by no means least books or more specifically reading, this week I have decided to read Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

I had it on tape when I was younger and I loved it, I would listen to it over and over. If you haven't read it I would defiantly recommend you did.

Well happy Friday and have a great weekend.

Ciao for now.

Katrina x

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  1. I love the book and shows they did for it