Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Not so sunny Saturday

Ello Peeps,

Am I cool enough to say peeps?? I am not sure but I have said it now!! hehehe :)

So Saturday I went into central London with Mr Rob for a bit of browsing, it was very busy so we had a quick stop in Liberty's to have a look at the fabric which although it is a little pricey I did treat myself to just enough for a simple skirt as it was so cute .
It's not a great photo but what do you think?

We then wondered down to Anthropology which was my first visit... mostly because I couldn't seem to find it on my own. Mr Rob whipped out his Iphone 4 and found it in a jiffy.
I must have spent about an hour in there looking at every item, or so Mr Rob thought I did. I purchased this lovely new Mug can you guess what the K stands for? hehehe :)

We then had a stroll down to Marks & Sparks where we picked up some Watermelon & Mango fruit packs and then we sat in Green park to munch them. I love Watermelon and Mr Rob loves Mango so it worked really well :)

I love the collar on the dress I wore and the colors match so well with my favorite knitted cardigan. I think I have three or four pieces of Mustard knit wear which is helpful because even though it is July it still can have quite a chill in the air when the sun goes in...hence my title.

I also wore my new bicycle necklace which I have worn everyday since I got it :)

Dress: eBay
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: eBay

Well that's enough about me, I hope you had a good weekend and your week is just as great.

Ciao for now.

Katrina x

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