Sunday, 21 August 2011

1970's revisited & restyled

Hey people,

I can't believe it is Sunday night already, I have just finished making tomorrows breakfast smoothy, Banana & Peanut....yum!!! :) and lunch which is Moroccan chicken salad with peppers & Cous Cous.

I now need to decide what to wear, I try to iron what I need for a working week every Sunday night. As I am only working Monday & Tuesday yay!!! So I am being lazy and leaving it till the morning :)

Today we went for lunch as Mr Robs folks we had yummy sea food salad, and I wore a dress I got from a carboot sale for £1!! When I got it my family were not impressed, it is from 70's and the seller had kept a suitcase full of 70's clothes in her loft.

I was lucky to get this as she had nearly sold out, shows Greenford has a some stylish girlies :)
I decided to take it up as it was a little long, I really like how it turned out.

I have wore it a few times so far and I adore the sleeves they are see thought with pretty ring like ribbons on it. Oh I forgot to add purple is my favourite colour.

Today's Outfit

Dress: Carboot
Belt: New Look
Boots: Ebay

Well I hope you have had a great weekend, see you all soon
Ciao for now

Katrina x