Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things - Episode 6

Hi my lovelies,
How are we?

Today has whizzed by hasn't it?
I went for lunch with some girly friends today which was followed by some retail therapy.
Although we went into many shops I wasn't really inspired, the colours this season are lovely but the fabrics leave a lot to be desired.

I did get a dress which I will do a post about when I wear it this week, I just want to change the buttons. It has the cutest print on it. Which I totally meant I broke my new years resolution of no new items for a year. I am not going to worry though it has been 7 months and I have kept true to it, minus a monsoon dress I brought and then felt so guilty I took it back. :)

Anyway when I got home... ok after my nap I was looking around online and I came a cross some pretty things I wanted to share.

I actually first saw the satchel when I was out on Friday but I was seeing if I could get it cheaper online. Alas no but it is still super cute.

I then came across this jumper at ASOS, horse print and Mustard together, it's like a dream come true :)

I then saw this at Chelseadoll which I thought was really cool, being a armature dress maker I love sewing inspired accessories. This one would be great to add to my collection :)

Last but not least this dress is from Anthropology and I L.O.V.E it, I actually saw in in the store and I fell head over heels instantly. I wish I could justify the price tag but as I am saving for my wedding I just can't.

Anyway that's me done, what pretty things have you stumbled upon this weekend?

Take care
Ciao for now

Katrina x

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