Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Preperation for Our 7th Annivesary + Instagram pics

Hi People,

Hows your week been?
I am finally off work YAY!!! It's only for six days but boy did I need a break!

Well as the title states it is Mr Rob's & Mine 7th Year Anniversary very soon, Saturday to be exact :)
I have booked tickets for a day trip to Brighton, and I have got a new outfit especially for the occasion.

I needed a new pair of work shoes and I was planning to get these ones from Office but today I saw a pair when I was out with my sister and I loved them also there are real leather and £38 pounds cheaper. Now that's what I call a bargain.

Then I saw these shorts in the sale for £10, you can't really tell from the picture I took but they are green. I like them because they have a flare to them so the complement my thighs, unfortunately I don't think fitted short look so great on me.

Then low an behold I saw this top, I have previously seen it on The Magpie Girl blog but I couldn't see where Vicki had found it. I may have just been having a moment :)
So today when I saw it in Dorthy Perkins I just had to get it, I love the little birdies on it!!!

I think I might ask my sister if I can borrow her cardigan too, I am sure a outfit post will follow.
Well enjoy the rest of your day/evening :)

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. Happy Anniversary to you guys! I love the outfit you have picked out! It's darling :-) About skyping on Friday! What time is good for you? Stephen & are night owls, so I'm sure we'll be up!

  2. Happy Anniversary :) Adorable outfit. i really like the blouse.

  3. Thank you Ladies, We had a lovely day in Brighton today, I hope to post pictures tomorrow :)