Thursday, 22 March 2012

Frock and Kohl - Guest Post

Hi there!
This is a little guest blog post from frock and kohl, Katrina has asked me to write a little something to help her out as she studies...

I thought to myself what have a not blogged about yet, that isn’t me in an outfit and something a little more interesting that just a product review. I know- I will put down a few of my favourite style heroines from the world of film, maybe it will inspire some new looks (maybe not going the whole hog with a few of them) or just a few nights or so in front of the box...Here they are , in no particular order

Jean Seberg in Breathless
Kate Hudson in Almost famous

Diane Keaton in Anne Hall

Patricia Arquette in True Romance - just for those pink leggings

Sienna Miller in Factory Girl

All images Google Images

If you are interested in reading some more bits and pieces from me, my blog is frock and kohl its a mix of fashion, product reviews and general things that I find of interest and that inspire me. I also love things that are music related. I am still building up the posts so any interest is of course much appreciated!
I am also building up my collection of illustrations, and would welcome any feedback.
Thank you! x

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