Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Addicted to Cath Kidston

Hi people,
How are we?

Now if you're like me you are addicted to Cath Kidston, I have 5 books, 2 bags, 3 dresses, an umbrella, iPhone case, purse, 2 pairs of wellie socks, a bracelet, three hair clips, a bus pass holder & numerous sewing bits :) Yes I know I have a problem :)

Oh & I almost forgot... a lanyard :)

However that has not stopped me looking at their most recent sale :)
My picks would be:

The Royal Rose Holdall: Was £85 Now £60

 Bleached Flower Hankie: Was Now £5

Heart Locket: Was £36 Now £22

Spring Bouquet Border Dress: Was £75 Now £60

Why don't you pop along and take a look yourselves there are some really nice items :) 

Have a great night xx

Ciao for now
Love Katrina x


  1. Oh, don't tempt me! I've been drooling over the website all day as it is! Really tempted by the bag, also thinking of investing in some hanging shoe tidies. Love it!

    Maddie xxx

  2. Must admit I've never heard of them, but think them very cute :3


  3. Great holdall! I am a Cath kidston addict too and have a lot of their kitchen wares. My best friend has bought me their strawberry teapot as a graduation present for me - how lovely of him! :)
    They had this lovely design on a MacBook sleeve, but didn't do it in iPad size, so I was a bit disappointed with that :(

    Karys x

  4. I very much share your addiction *swoon*