Monday, 18 June 2012

Trina & the multi coloured dress.

Hi All,
How do you like my dress? It's a vintage 1960/70's original. You can tell because it is made so well also metal zip gives it away :)

I got it on eBay last year but it was a little snug, however with my pre-wedding diet & my gym sessions I have managed to fit in to it nicely.

Now I am sure I have told you a thousand times but I love the color mustard!!
So I paired it with a mustard cardi & tights.

I wanted to be comfy walking around London so I threw on my converse, I really like this outfit because it is colorful, comfy & combines all my favorite colors together. My favorites being Green, Purple & Mustard, I am just glad the work well together :)

I also wore one of my snail brooches I recently got from my local cancer research shop. I couldn't decided between the brown, green or cream version so I brought all three. Well they were only 50p each & it was gong to charity so how could I not! Right?? :)

I did get some funny looks, but I just put that down to the colors I was wearing :) I love these really bold prints from the 60/70's era. They are so fun I just can't help but smile when I catch my reflection.

So tell me, what are your favorite colors?

Have a super fab week.
Ciao for now
Love Katrina xx


  1. Love the dress! It's just so happy! I love red, pink, purple, light blue and generally just rainbow colours :P xx

  2. Love this outfit! It's so bright and cheerful =D

  3. Mustard Yellow goes well with the purple of your shoes because they are complimentary colours. Your dress would probably look greener in accompanied by red tights/shoes. :)

    Your snail brooch is fantastic; I am very envious of it. :D
    Thank you for your great post and your lovely blog! The whole set up you have here is wonderful.

    P.S. I wear a lot of blue to compliment my orange hair. I am obsessed with complimentary colours!

  4. Looking lovely and colourful! Great in-between weather outfit! Also glad your starting to feel the effects of the diet as there's nothing worse than putting the effort in and not getting the results! Looking great!!xx

  5. I love this colorful outfit! That bike necklace is too cute!!

    xx Adrian

  6. Hello, I've just discovered your blog via JOY's Twitter feed, lovely! Where is the bike necklace from, vintage? It so interesting :) x