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Hyper Heart - Guest Post

Bonjour Muffin Top Vintage Readers! I am very privileged to have been granted permission to guest post on Katrina’s lovely blog while she is away enjoying what I hope will be the perfect honeymoon. My name is Melita and I blog over at Hyper Heart, a little lifestyle blog with a sprinkle of whatever else tickles my pickle.

I went to Rome in August for 5 days and was absolutely blown away by this wonderful city. So, I thought I’d share my favourite snippets with Muffin Top Vintage. Here Goes: 

1. The Trevi Fountain, day and night. The fountain is beautifully decorated with the most detailed sculptures. It is custom to throw a coin into the fountain as it is said that this will ensure your return to Rome one day. We visited the fountain both during the day and at night and it is well worth a double visit to see how the atmosphere differs when the fountain is lit up at night. 

2. The Colosseum. The Colosseum is such a famous piece of history and therefore an absolute must see! It’s pretty mind blowing to think about how many thousands of years these structures have withstood. The history is fascinating and the ruins of the Roman Forums just next to the Colosseum are just as worthy of a wander. 

3. The Vatican City. This was one of my favourite excursions of our holiday. Never have I been in such awe of a church or building as I was for St. Peter’s Basilica. The detail that engulfs every nook and crevice of this glorious church is truly breath taking and the enormity of it just seems never ending. I would highly recommend buying a ticket to go to the very top of the Basilica (the cupola) to soak up the stunning views of the Vatican City available to you. A word of caution though, the stairs are not for those of a nervous disposition; narrow corridors, winding steps and no hand rails galore! 

4. Piazza Navona. Out of all the piazzas that we visited, this was by far my favourite. With a beautiful fountain in the middle, an army of street artists and an endless array of bars and restaurants, it is the place to be after sunset. On a little road just off this wonderful square, we found my favourite restaurant, Cantine e Cucina; fantastic service, delicious traditional dishes and the perfect atmosphere. This is where you need to eat should you visit. 


5. Villa Borghese. If you find yourself missing a little greenery amongst Rome’s busy cobbled streets, then head up to Villa Borghese where you will find an abundance of green grass and shade in its delightful park. Complete with Museum, lake and both indoor and outdoor cinemas, there is no chance of getting bored. If I were to do it again I’d definitely bring a blanket and a picnic, it is the perfect spot. And to rest your tired tourist feet, there is a whole host of modes of transport for you to explore the park in: bicycles, a roscio, a golf buggy or even a Segway! 

The wonderful thing about Rome is that I know I could go back again in a year or so and still find 101 different things to do. I have a list as long as my arm of sites I am still desperate to see. I want to head to the Trastevere area and find some hidden vintage Roman treasures in the many vintage shops they have down there, I want to explore more of the Vatican and stuff my face with more pizza, pasta and Italian ice cream!

I hope I’ve inspired you to visit and that you’ve enjoyed reading my post.
Please do share your favourite places to visit!

 Melita, Hyper Heart x

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