Monday, 24 September 2012

What I wore - The Wedding Dress

Hi Lovlies,
I am not sure if I told you but I recently got married... hehehe

We finally got our pictures & I was trying to decide how to share them with you.  So I thought I would start by showing you my wedding dress.
I had picked a different dress to start with but as the day got closer it just didn't feel right. If you are married you'll get what I mean.

I have always been a lover of the relaxed Boho look & I knew this is what I wanted for my wedding day, so when I saw this beautiful vintage 1970's crochet maxi dress I knew had found the dress for me.

My mum & my sister were not sure when they saw it & even up until the day I picked up the under dress they couldn't see my vision, but when I put it all together they finally saw that it was perfect for me.

I paired my dress with a 70's pair of platforms, my signature wrist bands and Crown and Glory Butterflies in my hair and I was good to go.

I actually did my hair & make up myself, which I am really glad I did as think having something to focus on in the morning was really helpful with my nerves. I hope to do a tutorial about how I achieved the look in the near future.

I can't explain how wonderful a day it was & how grateful I am for having my family & friends there to share it with us.   I have so many more pictures to share & will soon, I promise.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Ciao for now 
Love Katrina xx

Pictures by Amy Purfield-Clark & Shooting Dave


  1. The dress is lovely. Looks ideal for such a romantic venue!


  2. Love this outfit, but especially in Paris! =)

  3. Gorgeous outfit, accentuated by a gorgeous backdrop! x

    1. Thank you sweet pea, even on such an overcast day it is beautiful.

  4. Adorable! Love your boots and your jacket! Where did you get them?

  5. Thank you lovely!!!
    The boots are from La Redoute & the coat is Monsoon Autumn 2010.