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Vintage Inspired Gift Wrapping Ideas - Guest Post

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As you will have seen I have been a little busy lately, with... well life and stuff so I have been on the hunt for some guest writers. Which I am still looking for so if you are interested please drop me an email at muffintopvintage@hotmail.co.uk

So lets start with the first of many lovely guest posts by Marcela De Vivo who is a freelance writer from Southern California whose writing covers everything from DIY, home improvement, health, technology, and marketing. Connect with her on her Facebook or Twitter

Vintage Inspired Gift Wrapping Ideas

Giving presents can be even more fun than giving them—not just in choosing the perfect gift, but also in the presentation. Custom gift-wrapping is an art in itself, and if you’re giving to someone who appreciates the past, nostalgic theme-wrapping can make the difference between a just a nice present and an incredible inspired memory. 

The possibilities of high-concept wrapping options are endless, but if there’s one secret, it’s to think about how to use familiar artifacts in unexpected new ways. If you are planning on giving one or more significant gifts, think about visiting garage sales or flea markets. You can even head over to swap meets and keep an eye for low-cost vintage objects that might be reused to gussy-up a gift. Here are some choices to think about: 

 Image Courtesy of Marta Crowe/Wikimedia Commons 

 Vintage print material 

Although collectible paper publications from days past can cost a pretty penny, estate sales and small-town antique stores often have stacks of beautiful old prints at “everything-must-go” prices. The theme of the present you’re giving or the personality of the recipient should determine it, but these are some great possibilities: 

● Newspapers: Old newspapers are virtual time machines, and historic reflections from the worlds of sports, theater and entertainment will delight the nostalgic. Period funny pages are a time-tested crowd-pleaser in particular. Search through some old funnies yourself that you find and see what kind of newspaper wrap-job you can come up with. 
● Sheet music: Sheet music from the 1920’s and 30’s can easily be used as a unique gift wrap as it often came within the folds of colorful Art Deco covers on lightweight paper. This could be a big hit for fans of music or design. The actual sheet music within is almost as quaint and can be used either as tissue paper or outer wrapping. 
● Magazines: Hollywood fan magazines, true crime pulp covers and fashion publications can all be great ways to dress up a package for niche audiences. 

Old-timey fabrics 

Skipping out on paper altogether is not only eco-friendly, but wrapping a gift in fabric is also a way to give multiple presents. By using loose knots or strategically applied safety pins, you can use scarves, doilies or tablecloths as wrapping and bonus gifts. If you want to go all-out, use vintage brooches or earrings in lieu of safety pins. 

Creative tags and ribbons 

 As with a good outfit, a great gift-wrapping job can be pulled together with well-chosen accessories. For gift tags, consider old postcards or couture luggage tags. Again, think about who the present is for, and any number of dangling objects may suggest themselves: feathers, old fishing tackle, military tags and more. Instead of ribbons and bows, think of tie-able alternatives that relate to the present or occasion. If you’re giving a gift to an aspiring writer, for example, you could use ribbon from a junk-store typewriter, and so on. 

Image Courtesy of The Thrifty Crafter 

The Brown Paper Look 

If you simply want a vintage look without having to track down vintage materials, think about using charming gift boxes as a starting point, then wrapping with plain brown postal or butcher-paper (or even burlap). Add a finishing touch with simple twine or wire ribbon. From there, think about adding more detail with collectible stamps, intriguing stencil patterns, and other creative designs to give the appearance that your gift was shipped directly from the past. 

No matter what you do, don’t go truly overboard: remember that the unwrapping will all be over in a matter of seconds. For the same reasons, however, putting an extra bit of thought and time into a wrapping that says you’ve reflected on the recipient is a gift in itself. 

Well I don't know about you but this has got me thinking of loads of great ideas, thanks Marcela.

Have a great week lovelies.

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