Friday, 1 November 2013

Anniversay Trip - Pisa

Hi Guys,
As you may know in September Mr Berto and I celebrated out first wedding anniversary in Italy. Which is fitting as Mr Berto is Italian and we did get married in the London, so its only fair :)

We started our holiday with the biggest breakfast you have ever seen, or rather I have ever had seen in Frankie & Benny's. My eyes were too big for my belly and I couldn't finish it all. But I did eat all the pancakes. I mean how could I not?!

Then we flew in to Pisa.

We stayed in a hotel that was less than 100 yards from the tower. As you can imagine it was very busy with all the tourists in the day time so it was quite difficult to get good pictures. So as we were so close we went first thing in the morning, It was a bit overcast but the day did brighten up significantly.

As I post the pictures you are going to think that the holiday was sponsored by Cath Kidston due to the fact all my dresses are from Cath Kidston and so was my pumps. I brought the mushroom print dress especially for our holiday and I must say it has become a firm favourite of mine.

While we were there a lovely American family offered to take this picture of us, which was so nice. High five to them!!! Going on holiday with just the two of us does pose issues when we want a picture together as we don't own a tripod, plus I'm not sure I'd want to carry one around.

Now one thing you must do when you go to Pisa is take a picture of you pretending to hold the tower up. So here is mine :)

Well that is Pisa, I would say if you decide to visit you only really need half a day there as the tower is the only thing to see.

I'll be back soon with more pictures :)

Caio for now
Love Katrina x

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