Wednesday, 29 April 2015

YoYo Hair diet

Hi Guys,
How have we been?
I am slowly getting back into blogging.
Still trying to find the time to blog between working, attending interviews and being a boring gown up.

Now most of you will have the same relationship as I do with my hair. I like having a fringe/bangs but then I decide to grown it out. Once it gets to a certain length I want to cut it back in. It's like a YoYo det but with my hair.

Here are just some of the times in between each phase.

If you follow me on instagram you will see that I have cut it back in and as I type this I and look at my pictures pre fringe/bangs I wish I didn't cut it!!... And so my question for you is........ is it just me?

What do you prefer, fringe? or no fringe?

I guess I'll be back on the merry go round again in a couple of months time.

Well I hope you have a lovely week.

Ciao for now
Love Mrs Berto xx

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