Thursday, 11 June 2015

Laura Ashley AW15 - Home Stuffs

Hi Guys!
How you week been?

I have good week so far and after my personal post the other day I can say I got some good news today. I have been offered a permanent job at the organisation I am temping at, which is awesome because I really enjoy working there, my team is awesome and my manager is great!

More on that later.... for now I want to share some pictures from the Laura Ashley AW15 Press, that I went to yesterday. I try to attend the press shows each season, one because the lovely ladies never forget to invite me and two i come away feeling so inspired to create a beautiful home or make beautiful dresses.

As always my favourite part was the Christmas selection.... I can't wait till the 15th September as that is the date at which it is 100 days till Christmas.  This is also the point I am allowed to start counting down. hehehe!!! The red, green and gold mixed with tartan is one of the things I love the most about Christmas. It's nostalgic for me and takes me back to my aunts thatched roof cottage all decorated for Christmas.

This bronze, brown and gold collection was my absolute favourite!! I actually said wow out loud when walked round the corner. We are currently try to decide how to decorate the lounge and this colour palette is giving so many ideas.

 My next favourite part of the collection was this sofa set up, the purples, pinks and greens work so well together. It is really pretty and feminine without being overly girly. Although I am not sure I could talk Mr Berto into it, but never the less its pretty.

One of the cool aspects this seasons collection is the craft collection, I love all the little jars full of buttons and they have even started a haberdashery. As a sewer this makes me soooo happy :)

Check out the giant knitting!!! How cool!!!!

Here are just a few of the other collections, which were really cute.

I love this chopping board shelve!!!

Check out the kitchen!!!! The colours are amazing!

Well, I hope you liked the pictures.

I will be sharing the clothing collection pictures soon, although I made an amateur mistake by not taking an extra battery so there are far less....sorry guys!!!

Anyway, have a good evening and I'll be seeing you soon.

Ciao for now
Love Mrs Berto xx

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