Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Maternity Wardrobe - Plain black Dress

Hi Guys,

I am now 18 weeks into this pregnancy. The main differences I have noticed so far are, my bump is growing a lot quicker than it did the last time and I can not stand the heat!! Which means I'm having to buy maternity clothes sooner.

Last time I was pregnant over the winter months so I was able to wear big jumpers, but being pregnant in the heat... well that is a game changer. I am sweating in places I didn't know was possible and its only May!!!

So I did a bit of online shopping...because can you believe it nearly all high street stores (apart form good o'l H&M) only sell maternity clothes online?! I mean whats that all about?! Everyone knows shopping is about the experience.

Anyway I have invested in some key maternity pieces to see me through.

First key item is a plain black dress.

This dress comes as part of a maternity essentials set by Next which includes a black vest, black pencil skirt and black leggings. Great foundations to any maternity wardrobe I would say. Also not bad at £32 for the lot!

I have styled it four ways below:

Weekend casual

Day date with the hubby - (I.E too hard to get babysitter for a night out)

A day at the office

Night out with the girls- (as long as its not past 10pm hehehehe)

So these are my picks. What do you think?
Styling the bump is always a challenge and as much as I want to look stylish, today I have sat around in slouchy pants while putting this post together. Gotta keep it real, right ladies?!

I will be back soon with another few looks for all you expecting mothers out there.

Ciao for now
Love Mrs Berto x


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