Monday, 9 May 2011

Sunshine and Shiny Shoes

In the words of Sir Bob Geldof (which by the way is the name of my three gold fishes: Bob, Gel & Dof) 'I don't like Mondays"

Don't get me wrong, Mondays have two sides the first is filled with the anticipation of what the week will hold, what adventures will I have, what new things will I learn and making plans for the weekend ahead. But the second is the Monday morning dread, when I open my wardrobe and decided what to wear. I am a HR Advisor for a Charity in central London and even with the more relaxed attitude to work attire I am pondering every morning... is my outfit office friendly? Will I make the wrong impression, will people believe I know what I am talking about?

Now if you know anything of HR we are usually suited and booted, but that's just not me. Clothes are who I am and how I feel I just wouldn't be able to express myself in suits.

Some women look amazing, so confident and self assured but me in a suit, well let me just say you could tell just by looking at me how uncomfortable I am. When I do wear suits, for important meetings or external event's I don't even feel like myself.

I can't wait for the day when I won't even have to think, I'll just wear whatever I like and I am determined while I am working in HR it will not change me and I will not conform for the sake of a job.

So this is what I wore today:

Cardigan: New Look

Vest: My mums cupboard

Skirt: Primark (or Primarni as my friends call it)

Tights: Shoook

Brogues: Clarks

The dress code is smart casual and I wanted to inject some colour once I had put on the skirt and vest so I matched my cardigan and tights to the colour in the parrots and ta dah!!!

Also please let me introduce you to my brogues which are my favorite shoes to wear at the moment, as soon as I saw them in Clarks I new they had to be mine. I was like a crow to foil, they were just so shiny and new.

Then I went shopping with my aunt and she just so happened to have a 20% off voucher, so it would have just been rude not to get them :)

What influences you when your choosing your outfit of the day?

Ciao for now.

Katrina x


  1. Such lovely pictures- with an outfit to match! I'm never very comfortable with wearing suits either...I never feel confident enough!
    I always get influenced by my mood and the weather for my outfits - I end up wearing brighter, more 'out there' clothes on a good day :) x

    P.S Love the goldfishes' names!

  2. Thank you so much, sorry it took me a while to reply to your comment, I don't know how I missed it.
    I popped over to your blog and I must say LOVE IT!!! It's super cute, btw LOVE your glasses. I'm in the process of looking for a new pair, might have to look for something similar to yours :)

  3. Adorable shoes! I really want to get a pair like that, but in brown. You are so cute :D

  4. I do too but I think I need to curb my shoe spending :)

  5. Haha, I know how that feels.