Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mr Rob and I

Hello All,
Now from time to time I am sure you have heard me refer to my fiancé Mr Rob, he is my live in photographer and tea maker :)

(Mr Rob & I after about 3mths of dating)

I always am intrigued when people talk about how they met and how they became a couple so I thought I would write a post about exactly that.

(Mr Rob & I after 2 yrs of dating)

Roberto and I met when we were both working at our local supermarket while studying at university, I had taken 6 months out and I worked overtime on the grocery department and Mr Rob was on the Bread & Cakes department.

I had seen Mr Rob around but we never really spoke to each other as at that time I had been on checkouts, so it was a surprise when I was standing talking to a manager with one head phone in after work and he came over took it out to see what I was listening to. He promptly laughed and pointed out I still used a Walkman in 2004 and not a CD player, to which I responded I break stuff so a Walkman is safer. He has since told me he thought I was a little weird but in a good way :)

(Mr Rob & I after 3 yrs of dating)

So after a few encounters one being where a push a tall stock trolley blind down the center aisle shouting beep beep and another where we were asked if we could be search to which I responded..."only if ya frisk me and Roberto's next" followed by a wink in his direction we started chatting.

(Mr Rob & I after 4 yrs of dating)

He was always very shy and can still be now so I did most of the talking face to face but we exchanged email addresses and then spent the next few weeks chatting on MSN until the early hours of the morning.
At this point we were just friends, although I always thought he was handsome but he was just my handsome friend Rob. Then one day after work I was waiting at the bus stop and he was wearing a sleeveless top, now I am not shallow and I don't only care about looks but a pair of manly arms changed it all and I had a little spark for him.

(Mr Rob and I after 5 yrs of dating)

We remained friends for a while and we decided to go out to Central London, we spent the whole day together and it was really fun. We went to see Catwoman at the cinema and then strolled home, (we only lived 15mins walk from each other) by the end of the day I was smitten.

Flash forward to last year while we were sitting on the sofa in the flat we rented Mr Rob and I were chatting about marriage and other stuff when he turned to me and said do you want to marry me. I said of course, and he said No, I am asking you to marry me my response was not what you would have expected.

(Mr Rob & I after 6 yrs of dating)

I said are you serious, he said yes, I said no your not your joking and he said if you don't stop saying that then yeah I am. I gave him a big kiss and said yes.

We are hoping to get married next year and we were in the process of saving for a house, I am so thankful to have met him and I can't wait to be Mrs Rob :)

(Mr Rob & I this year)

So there's my story I would love to hear yours :)
Ciao for now.

Katrina x


  1. Thats really sweet! Thanks for sharing! My fiance & I met at University too, we lived in the same halls of residence & became friends on the very first weekend of University! We became an item about a year and a bit later and have now been together for almost 4 1/2 years, and are getting married in less than 4 months!

  2. You must be so excited, I am for you!!!