Monday, 13 June 2011

Outfit Inspiration

Hello people,

How are you?

If you live in the UK you know the weather has been absolutely lousy!!! Therefore taking pictures for outfit posts has been a little difficult, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to look for some outfit inspiration.
Due to the rain it has been feeling quite chilly however as the weather is a little unpredictable I need layers to take on and off.

So the first thing I need is a pretty dress and some tights, as you have probably noticed in my outfit posts so far I am a dress & skirt kinda girl. In fact I hardly wear trousers, I do love my dungarees though :)

Next is a pretty Cardigan, thick enough to keep me warm but thin enough so that when I'm on the tube I won't get too warm & possibly a scarf. I know what you are thinking a scarf in June but trust me leaving the house at 6am without one is madness.

Next a comfy pair of ankle boots, and a light jacket preferably with a hood. As we all know the UK is famous for it's rain.

(Unknown source, please let me know if you know where it is from.)

And lastly a cute umbrella for extra protection from the down pours we have had lately which my coat has been no match for.

(JetKat Photography)

Well now that's done I am off to my wardrobe to see what I can put together.
Have a great week.
Ciao for now.

Katrina x


  1. My favorite picture is the middle one. I really like the long jacket. Very pretty.
    I am excited to see what you put together!!!!

  2. Hi Leanna Kay,
    You should check out the Flashes of Style Blog, she has really cute outfits.
    I hope your having a good week.
    I be putting up an outfit post soon, if the weather cooperates :)
    Katrina x