Tuesday, 12 July 2011

This Week I'll Be Mostly Reading :)

Hi people how are we?

Me, well I am feeling a little sorry for myself :(
I seem to have a trapped nerve in my neck and it is causing me quite a bit of pain. I am off work next week so I am just mustering on but this may be a slow blogging week for me.

Ok moan over, the reason for this post was I wanted to share a really cool book I found, I don't normally buy these kinds of books but when I saw the Style Yourself featuring 95 international fashion bloggers I decided to get it. It arrived today and although I haven't finished it completely I just had to share.

I love getting inspiration for outfits from the many sites I follow and this books definitely gives lots. There are aspects relating to specific styles and a breakdown the many of types of Dresses, Jackets and other items in your wardrobe. It also has some really cool ideas on remixing certain items and a break down on wardrobe basics every girl should have.

My favourite thing about fashion blogs is the ability to pick & chose ideas and remix them into my own style to make them more me and with so many different bloggers in this book it has introduced me to LOADS more!! :)

Anyway I definitely recommend you have a read and if you'd like to get to know the main contributor Jane Aldridge a little better you can find her at her blog Sea of Shoes which I must say is an awesome blog :)

Ciao for now.

Katrina x

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