Monday, 15 August 2011

The Bicycle & The Acorn

Hello All,
How are we??
I can't believe it is Monday already, the weekend was over in a flash. Not to worry though I have six glorious days off next week and I haven't got anything plan as yet. Ohhh the possibilities :)

What do you think of the new header, I wanted something new but something that still went with the patch work background. I picked the picture below but I felt it was a little bright so with a little bit of editing here and there and I think it fits in well.

This weekend was started off with Dinner at Franco Manca, with the lovely Emily, it was really nice to get to know each other and we found out we had many things in common, like needing our desk at work to be extra clean!
The food was delicious stone baked pizza's Mmmmmm, I should have taken pictures!

Saturday provided the inspiration for my title, as I purchased the cutest new pendent from Primark for on £2 what a bargain!! I think it goes very well with my bicycle necklace too :)
I love accessories because they make a outfit look entirely different.

Speaking of accessories, can we count shoes in that? I guess not but I am in the midst of looking for a new pair of work shoes, preferable brown loafer types.
I have seem these at Office and I think they could be quite a good addition to my wardrobe.
Sunday was quite slow, it was my dads birthday and he never wants to do much, so it was as always a Sunday roast followed by an afternoon nap, which is always enjoyable :)

I have many posts in the pipe line, so maybe I'll use my days off for that, or looking for fabric for new projects either way I am sure I'll have plenty more to share next week.

Ciao for now

Katrina x