Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hello again old friends

Hiya guys!! How the heck are we?
Its been a while, I had not planned on taking such an extended break but motherhood has kept me busier than I expected!

I didn't even have the chance to blog when the little one was born and he is 8 months now!! Where the time has gone I don't know!! I have been active on Instagram, mostly because it is quick easy posting of photo's but today I decided I would quite like to get back into blogging.

Its been so long I am not sure where to start?! I do plan getting back into outfit posts once I have found time to take pictures. Now I am a mama I feel I have changed quite a bit as a person so I think topics I talk about may change. I was going to write an apology here and say that I will try to keep the baby and mum stuff to a minimum but lets face it that is my life now so inevitably I will blog about it.

I do hope you stick around to here my ramblings, for now though let me leave you with few pictures of the little man who I like to call Arthur Squidgy Pants.

Ciao for now.
Love Mrs 

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